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About us

We are the company with huge knowledge and well organised processes in supplying businesses with most advanced and trusted solutions. We are using products of well-known manufacturers to create and deliver best value to satisfy customers needs. Our top priority is to show our competence, fulfil promises and exceed expectations.


Fulfiled promises

Exceeded expectations

Why we

We cooperate with many manufacturers, suppliers and integrators on daily basis. This exclusivity provides us opportunity to offer best value and complete projects in fastest terms.

Our team values cooperation and trust with our customers, suppliers and partners. We understand, that cooperation must be beneficial for all sides, and only in this matter we can create outstanding value for our customers.



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Phone: +370 689 42222

Company: UAB Arolesa
Code: 303254971
VAT number: LT100010888416
Country: Lithuania

IBAN: LT68 7300 0101 3878 6141
Bank: AB Swedbank
Bank address: Konstitucijos pr. 20A, 03502 Vilnius, Lithuania